Tuesday, October 20, 2015

4 Great Places to Write this Fall

by Kathleen Escarcha 

If you have had the good fortune of leaving your study nook this past week, you may have noticed the deep reds and vivid oranges taking over our campus.

Autumn is here, and so is essay season. So all those pesky due dates you’ve been putting off? Well, they’ve arrived with as much surprise as last week’s temperature drop.

Instead of spending this fall stuck on the second floor, take your writing process beyond the library. Pack your bags, blankets and pumpkin spice lattes – this is going to get cozy.

1. Battelle Atrium 

Ever wonder what its like to have the light of the heavens illuminate your Mac screen as you hammer away at a 20-page paper on Foucault? Experience that and more in the Battelle-Tompkins atrium. A gorgeous glass ceiling fills the space with natural light and the low din of conversation adds to the casual atmosphere.

     2. Georgetown Neighborhood Library

A little off the beaten path, the Georgetown Neighborhood Library provides the perfect campus getaway. With ample study space and a stately exterior, a visit here is well worth the hike. Afterwards, journey farther into Georgetown and contemplate your latest stroke of genius whilst inhaling a Baked & Wired cupcake.

Visit them here 

     3. Open City at the National Cathedral

Off Wisconsin Avenue, you can find yourself in an octagonal little coffee shop bustling with activity. Inviting couches, exposed wood beams and their single origin coffee will make you want to praise the powers that be. For a study break you can step outside to wonder at the National Cathedral or explore the grounds. Grab a slice of pie, a seat and get to work!

  Visit them here

     4. Kogod Courtyard Caf√© at the National Portrait Gallery

In the heart of DC, the National Portrait Gallery hosts a treat for those AU students willing to make the trek. Situated among America’s greatest collection of portraits, this space is perfect for that American art aficionado. With a beautiful canopy and cool, modern feel, writing any essay here will feel like a breeze.


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