Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Preposition!

By: Emma Lister

I stumbled upon this book years several years ago at the elementary school book fair, where I worked.  The book is called Super Grammar, by Tony Preciado and Rhode Montijo, and (as one might guess) teaches you all about grammar with superheroes!  It's fantastic.

Today, I thought I would take a look at how Preciado and Montijo explain prepositions, superhero style, because they are important little words that show relationships between things, yet don't seem to follow any rules.

The Preposition is a super-heroine who "has the power to show relationships between people, places, and things in a sentence" (95).

Her examples include:

"We fight crime at night.  at: preposition showing time" (97)

"He has a fist like a rock.  like: preposition showing similarity" (97)

She also shares with us all the different relationships her superpowerful-self can conjure up using specific prepositions:

  • "Location - at, in, on, above, beside, below" 
    • (The superhero is flying above the building.)
  • "Time - since, during, until, from, within" 
    • (The superhero is flying during the day.)
  • "Direction - to, toward, down, past, around" 
    • (The superhero is flying toward the villain.)
  • "Possession - of, with"
    • (The villain is with his evil sidekick.)
  • "Responsibility - for"
    • (The superhero was going to fight the villain for the town.)
  • "Agency - by"
    • (The superhero was going to fight by himself.)
  • "Exclusion - except, without"
    • (The villain was going to fight without his sidekick.)
  • "Similarity - as, like, of" (96)
    • (The villain was strong like a bull.)
So, next time you're writing a paper remember super-heroine Preposition and her ability to determine relationships!!

(If you are interested in more members of the Super Grammar team... you can check them out on their website: 

Preciado, Tony. Super Grammar: Learn Grammar with Superheroes. New York: Scholastic Inc., 2012. Print.

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