Saturday, January 24, 2015

Spring Semester Has Started

By: Emma Lister

Wait a second, where did my winter break go!?  I was so happy and cozy on my couch binging on Netflix and napping at my leisure. 

It ended, along with the four Netflix series you crushed.

Now I have these classes… with homework? 

Yep, every day.

Whatever, no need to worry, it’s syllabus week, there’s plenty of time to dip my toes in these academic waters… 

Syllabus week is over.

Wait, we’re going into our third week of classes?  I have a paper due next week?  What is going on here?!?

If you’ve had a similar internal monologue/panic attack… you’re not alone.  The start of Spring Semester is always a rough transition and brutal drop back into reality in a post-holiday-freezing-rain-it-gets-dark-too-early kind of way.  I’ve found what is helpful in dragging yourself out of this lazy and self-pitying hole is to get ORGANIZED - simple baby steps to make your schedule much more manageable and to keep your anxiety at bay.

First, get a calendar… Then, yes, USE this calendar (some sort of assignment book works too).  Mark down when assignments are due and cross those bad boys off when you have finished them.  Nothing is more rewarding that crossing things off your To Do list.  More importantly though, you must mark when you are going to START bigger assignments projects, papers, etc.  If you have a paper due in two weeks… choose a book by Monday.  Make an outline by Friday… If you get stuck, come and brainstorm with someone in the Writing Center… If you’ve written and rewritten your draft and can’t look at it anymore?  Not sure if your thesis makes sense?  We’re happy to help you at that point, too!  We love to organize at the Writing Center (seriously ask anyone there… we get a strange high from helping you get your thoughts down in a sequential and logical way)! 

BUT, we can’t help you if you’ve waited to start eight hours before the assignment is due and you’re sitting in the library at 2:00am ripping your hair out and hating the start of your semester… So, take a baby step, figure out what’s coming up, and come see us in the WRITING CENTER!  Where our obsessions are strangely helpful!

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