Friday, October 3, 2014

AKA Grammar Girl

Hanna Mangold
MFA Candidate, 2016

Are you stumped on a grammar question? No matter whether one is a native speaker of English, or just learning the language, most people have asked themselves “is it accept or except?” “how do I use 'whom' and 'who'?” or “what the heck is an oxford comma?” Fear no more! Grammar Girl is here to help. Mignon Fogarty, AKA Grammar Girl, runs a catch-all website for common writing errors ranging from proper comma and apostrophe usage, to tricky verb tense formations (think “lay” and “lie”), and everything in between. Her website is easy to use, and fun to poke around even if you don't have a specific question—there is a lot to learn about internet abbreviations, synonyms, homonyms, misused words, and the ever changing debate on the evolution of the English language.

So, next time you have a couple minutes to surf the internet, use that time to pick up fun facts and helpful hints—you may even find answers to questions you didn't know to ask! Grammar Girl can also be a useful resource if you don't have time to come into the Writing Center, or to resolve the (not so) friendly grammar debates you can often find in the comments sections of websites like YouTube.

Here's the link:

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