Friday, September 19, 2014

For Your Consideration: Sounds for the Writing Environment

by Hannah Williams

As we get to work on brainstorming, writing, and revising essay drafts, I want to ask: does your work environment ever seem all wrong? Perhaps you live in a dorm with a lot of distractions, or the coffee shop is too crowded, or your favorite spot in the library is taken--the variables are endless! It can be hard to find the right amount of quiet--or the right amount of noise--to feel relaxed and ready to take on an assignment. For some, your mindset correlates directly with the ability to actually get some writing accomplished, so the writing environment can be very important.

There are several great online resources with which you can generate the kind of atmosphere that suits you on that particular day. Below, I've shared some links to some of my favorite resources. I believe these resources offer realistic, soothing, and focus-generating sounds. 

So whenever you don't have the time or means to get that setting just right, maybe these can help! 

With Coffitivity, you can choose between "Morning Murmur," "Lunchtime Lounge," and "University Undertones" so that the coffee shop atmosphere becomes customizable! And if you sign up for a premium account, there are even more atmospheres at your fingertips. 

Rainy days mean that you're probably stuck indoors, so you might as well try to get some homework done, right? Here's a way to make that happen any time you want. 

YouTube is a great place to look up atmospheric sounds and pick the right one for you. Here's a great example of simple, pleasant sounds. 

Happy writing! 

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