Monday, February 13, 2012

Bring a Game Plan to the Writing Center!

by Chuck Sebian-Lander

Are you concerned that 45 minutes may not be enough time to address all the things in your rough draft that worry you?  Just remember: your Writing Center sessions are meant to benefit you as much as possible.  If you come to the Writing Center with a game plan to address the writing topics you want to talk about, we can work with you to create the productive session you deserve.

Our consultants are eager and willing to create agendas and locate concerns if you're unsure, but they're equally happy to hear where you think your session should focus.  We can help whether you're struggling to write the perfect thesis, have a body paragraph or a conclusion you're unsure about, or if you want to look at how the larger structure of the paper answers your professor's prompt; the sooner you let us know what you're working hardest on, the better we can engineer your session to your needs.

We're all writers, and we each have our own process for successfully writing a paper; make sure your consultant knows your individual process, so they can help you along the way!

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